Universidad de las Américas Puebla enjoys a position of prestige within the academic world. This is augmented by its academic environment and facilities. If you’re looking for an education that will prepare you for professional success, come study at UDLAP.

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Throughout the academic year UDLAP has various dates on which you can take the admissions exam. Of the utmost importance to us are special aptitudes to attract unique individuals, like you. Don’t miss the opportunity to join our community here at UDLAP.

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Bringing your academic career to a close is an important step in any student’s life. With this in mind, we have established the process of readmission and transfer credit. Through these processes UDLAP offers you the opportunity to continue your studies.

Follow your Experience

UDLAP has a strong international presence. Because of this, we can offer double degree and academic exchange programs. We have partnerships with universities all over the world, providing you with several options for your international experience.

Prestige without Borders

The student organizations at UDLAP carry out a variety of activities to benefit the campus community. Joining any of these organizations gives you self-assurance, practice at working as part of a team, and teaches you the value of friendship, tolerance, and respect.

University Synergy

As an UDLAP graduate, you will reap the benefits of your university education long after you finish your studies. With this in mind, we have created an alumni package with different benefits and services for our graduates. This package will help you to keep abreast of UDLAP news and events as well as to stay in contact with your classmates.