Program Overview

RVOE: 20121080

This program provides tools to evaluate and intervene in human processes in organizations, developing abilities to offer psychological advice and counseling to personnel, and fostering the development of their talents and abilities. Through this master's program, the student develops capabilities to optimize the behavior of people, as well as their functioning within organizations, delineating his/her area of expertise and his professional limitations, intervening in an ethical, balanced and creative manner to solve individual and group behavioral problems.




The Master in Organizational Psychology requires that candidates be professionals interested in the study of organizational behavior and in the development of the individual in a labor environment. Participants will acquire knowledge to evaluate and intervene in human processes within organizations and to provide psychological counseling to facilitate the development of abilities and skills in personnel. It will be useful to have ability for teamwork through electronic media, computer skills, and commitment to self-discipline and independent learning.




The candidate will be a professional in the area of Education Science that has experience and interest in activities of management, coordination and leadership in educational organizations.It will be useful for the candidate to have expertise working in teams through electronic media and use of computer tools, as well as an inclination to learn independently and have self-discipline.




  • Understands organizational psychology to achieve a critical analysis of the situation of an individual or group.

  • Assesses, diagnoses and intervenes in behavioral problems inside organizations.

  • Uses evaluation tools and intervention strategies in organizational psychology, based on theoretical elements that justify their application.

  • Applies different evaluation and interview techniques.

  • Handles group intervention techniques.

  • Applies different tests for psychological evaluation.

  • Identifies various research techniques to obtain and analyze information.




Advanced Certificate in Work Psychology
RVOE: 20121067

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  • Bachelor's degree in psychology, or else in areas related to social sciences, economics, administration, engineering, and humanities.
  • Minimum GPA of 8.0, or equivalent.
  • EXADEP, ADEN, EXANI-III admission test, or equivalent.

  • English test: score of 450 in TOEFL, or equivalent.

  • Updated Resume

  • Fulfillment of administrative admission requirements indicated by School Services

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