Program Overview

The Master in Health Services Administration forms masters with a high social commitment, highly qualified in interdisciplinary areas to make decisions; prepared to assume management positions at hospitals, and pharmaceutical services, either in public or private organizations.




To form masters in Health Services Administration, capable of planning, controlling and managing administrative procedures and projects through application of models, norms, techniques and tools of health services, as well as, applying strategies of management that allow them to grow in areas of top management in both, private and public, institutions of different levels of government with the aim of designing strategic plans that maximize health resources in Mexico and abroad.




It requires professionals holding degrees in health or economy/administration that are interested in integrating administrative and management functions in pharmaceutical or hospital services. Applicants that seek to develop their capacity to analyze and interpret reports of strategic administrative information that helps them in making decisions and in the emission and clear interpretation of concrete reports with respect to financial information management.




At the end of the masters, the graduate:

  • Develop strategic plans of action with respect to health services administration through the application of hospital management techniques.
  • Interpret financial information of health services in both, public and private environments, using management strategies.
  • Evaluate the quality of health services environment involving planning and financing through the application of direction and control tools.
  • Analyze the emerging epidemiologic situation of public health through the application of marketing strategies and administrative processes.
  • Organize the actions and processes of administrative operation in health institutions through the formulation of direction strategies.
  • Incorporate marketing studies through the use of marketing techniques to design proposals in health services administration.
  • Determine the official normative health criteria, within the economy context, through the analysis of administrative, financial and quality aspects of hospital services.




Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Federación de Instituciones Mexicanas Particulares de Educación Superior (FIMPES).

Master Degree in Health Services Administration

Graduate Certificate in Hospital Management:







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