Program Overview

This program is designed so the graduate advises athletes, coaches, medical doctors, nutritionists, methodologists, managers and every person linked to physical activity and sports. The graduate will draft plans pre- and post- competition, and will intervene in handling sports injuries, easing sports retirement and improving the quality of life of people through physical practices.



Through this program, UDLAP prepares and trains specialists in Sport Psychology with a harmonious combination of Psychology and Sport Science.

Participants will develop skills regarding diagnostic evaluations centered in conduct and criteria variables, evaluating them in a sport context, and planning intervention programs based on a training macro-cycle



This program requires that applicants be professionals interested in the study of human behavior, performance, and physical development. At the same time, applicants should have tolerance and respect for individual differences, and ability to analyze behavioral situations.



  • Intervenes adequately in different sports areas, from recreational sports to physical activity to the selection of sport talent and high performance.

  • Plans, creates, and develops work programs based on scientific research, rigorously characterizing and evaluating each sport, both in theory and method.

  • Provides psychological attention to trainers, athletes, parents, referees, managers and all personnel involved in sports.

  • Drafts prevention programs, linking the benefits of physical activity and sports with better health and quality of life of people in general.

  • Cooperates with programs aimed to popularize physical activity and sports



Advanced Certificate in Physical Activity and Sports

Contact Information:
Incorporación Estudiantil de Posgrado
Tel: +52 (222) 229 23 13
01 800 227 74 00
ext 2313, 4562, 4021, 2166



  • Bachelor's degree in psychology or physical education, or else in areas related to physical and psychological human development.

  • Minimum GPA of 8.0, or equivalent.

  • EXADEP, ADEN, EXANI-III admission test, or equivalent.

  • Score of 450 in TOEFL, or equivalent.

  • Updated Resume.

  • Interview with the program coordinator.

  • Fulfillment of administrative admissions requirement indicated by School Services.

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